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2 Dec 2014, Global Magazin (German)

18 Nov 2014, The Seattle Globalist, “Young Refugees from Burma Speak through Art,” by Gennie Gebhart:

14 Nov 2014, BBC World Update (audio) interview with Forced to Flee editor, Erika Berg:

11 Nov 2014, Global Voices, “Myanmar’s Child Refugees Share Their Stories through Visual Art,” by Mong Palatino:

11 Nov 2014, Global Voices (translated into German):

11 Nov 2014, Global Voices (translated into French):

6 Nov 2014, Burma Study Center, “Pigment, Paintbrushes, and Irrepressible Hope: Book Project Harnesses the Power of Narrative Art,” by Kristen Elde:…/

6 Nov 2014, Blackle Magazine, “The Courage and Influence of Children,” by Leslie Smith,

31 Oct 2014, Muses, “’Forced to Flee’ Poignant Visual Stories Painted by Refugee Youth from Burma,” by Sandrine

31 Oct 2014, Psychology Today, “Children’s Art as Visual Narrative: Children Show Us Their Suffering and Their Hopes through Art,” by art therapist Cathy Malchiodi, PhD:…/2…/children-s-art-visual-narrative

14 Aug 2014, United Network of Youth (UNOY) Peacebuilders, “Story 3: Art of Peace,” by Erika Berg:

17 June 2013, World Policy Blog, “Forced to Flee: Rebuilding Lives and Communities through Art,” by Farisa Khalid

21 Oct 2012, Seattle Art Museum, “Visual Stories by Refugee Youth from Burma,” curated by Erika Berg (video tour of Daniel Kranzler):

17 Oct 2012, The International Examiner, “Burmese Refugees Share Distraught Experiences at the Seattle Art Museum,” by Claire Fant:

3 Oct 2012, The Seattle Globalist (announcement of exhibit at Seattle Art Museum):

2 Dec 2011, Northwest Asian Weekly, “Forced to Flee: Voices and Visions from the Thai-Burma Border, Put on Paper,” by Erika Berg:


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