Volunteer. If you live in an ethnically diverse community, do a keyword search for “refugee,” “volunteer” and your city’s name to unearth publicized volunteer opportunities. Also contact local refugee resettlement agencies. Expect to dig deeper for opportunities with refugee-led programs.

Donate. You needn’t have money to donate. You can donate time, helping refugees learn how to navigate the bus system and their new communities. You can donate hand-me-down furniture. Feeling welcome and encouraged can be a pivotal experience for a newly resettled refugee. If you live in an area where refugees are resettled, the opportunities are endless.

Present. Teach others about refugees—why they are forced to flee their native land and how they have inspired you. If you live in an urban area where refugees have resettled, consider co-presenting with refugee community leaders at your local school district office, colleges, places of worship and Rotary Clubs. Or propose a radio or web program. This webcast dialogue was inspired by “visual stories” in Forced to Flee and accessible US-wide. http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs193/1102230243624/ahttp://burmavisionsforpeace.org/ways-to-help/support-a-cause/rchive/1114126376460.html

Help a Refugee Secure a Job. Identify employment opportunities. Help develop resumes and cover letters. Conduct mock job interviews. Write letters of recommendation. Offer rides to interviews. For a refugee, no gift is more appreciated than a key to self-sufficiency.

Learn about peacebuilding efforts in Burma. If you meet refugee youth who would like to promote peace in Burma, download and share the attached .pdf of a youth-friendly version of the “Guiding Principles for Young People’s Participation in Peacebuilding.” Here is a list of organizations in Burma dedicated to promoting peace: www.insightonconflict.org/conflicts/myanmar/

Guiding Principles for Young People’s Participation in Peacebuilding: www.sfcg.org/guidingprinciples
Download PDF: Guiding Principles for Young Peoples’s Participation in Peacebuilding

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